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It can be a challenging task to decide which model agency to choose. There are several factors you have to consider. One of the most important is the reputation of the agency. The quality of the agency, as well as the reputation of the models they represent, will play a major role in deciding which agency you would like to work with.

Ford Modeling Agency

The Ford Modeling Agency is a New York-based international modeling agency that is considered one of the world’s top agencies. Since 1946, the agency has represented thousands of models and celebrities, including Naomi Campbell, Brooke Shields, and Candice Bergen.

In 2007, John Caplan was appointed as the CEO of the Ford Modeling Agency. He and his team oversee the agency’s worldwide talent and creative talent divisions. Currently, the company has offices in Los Angeles, Paris, Chicago, and Miami.

During the 1950s, Ford Models launched the careers of a host of famous faces. They included Ali MacGraw, Kim Basinger, Lauren Hutton, and Christie Brinkley.

The Ford Models agency is one of the oldest and most respected names in the industry. It is now owned by a Brazilian company, Ford Models Brasil.

In the early years, the Ford family ran the agency out of their home in Manhattan. They had strict rules about what type of advertisements were allowed and what type of models were acceptable. For example, they refused to take deodorant ads, and they also banned bra ads.

As their reputation grew, the Ford family branched out and started collaborating with other agencies. They brought their models to live in a townhouse on 78th Street. There, they closely monitored their intake at the dinner table.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Ford Model Management was the undisputed leader of the New York City modeling scene. Their clients included celebrities such as Christy Turlington, Kim Basinger, and Linda Evangelista.

Ford also helped launch the careers of Brooke Shields, Candice Bergen, and Suzy Parker. Despite the agency’s stern reputation, they were extremely friendly.

By the late 2000s, Ford Models had become controlled by Alt Point Capital, a Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin and Gerald Banks. Although the agency had been a major force in the industry, it began to lose steam when new agencies began popping up in the city.

New York Model Management

If you’re looking for a model agency, New York Model Management is one of the best around. It has a world-wide scouting network and promotes prestigious talent.

The agency specializes in promoting new faces and editorial favorites. They also have a great staff that is fashion-savvy and knowledgeable.

Their New Faces division includes models like Liza Popova, Ireen Tabolova, and Charles Oduro. In addition, the company also has offices in Los Angeles and Milan.

One of the biggest benefits of a modeling agency is the opportunity to work with brands. You may be able to land a position on a magazine cover, or you might find yourself working for a fashion designer. However, you should be aware that the job can be a competitive one.

Many modeling agencies have strict appointment-only policies. Aside from that, you may also have to provide an online portfolio. Other modeling agencies may even ask for your photo and contact information.

Another good option for aspiring models is New York’s Models@Work. This agency is an industry leader that encourages its models to act as leaders and advocates for women.

Next Model Management is another top-rated model agency in the city. It is a staple modeling agency that has been in business for almost a quarter of a century. Founded by Faith Kates and Joel Wilkenfeld, the agency has offices in both New York and Los Angeles.

Some of the most successful models to come out of the agency include Karmen Pedaru, Binx Walton, and Arthur Kulkov. Although, they have not yet held an open casting call.

Finally, there’s the Society Management. The NYC division of the Elite World Group, the agency represents Grace Jones, Isabella Rossellini, and other notable stars.


Wilhelmina is one of the largest and most well-known modeling agencies in the industry. As an agency, they work with a wide range of clients including top actors and musicians. They have a strong track record and are known for their ability to find new and creative ways to represent their clients. The agency has also established a presence on the west coast, with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Orange County.

Founded by Dutch supermodel Wilhelmina Cooper in 1967, Wilhelmina Models is a leader in the fashion industry. Aside from their many locations in NYC, Miami, London, and LA, they maintain relationships with a host of local management firms to provide their clients with a complete, all-around model management service.

The company also has a strong marketing department, which is responsible for producing national model searches in conjunction with other strategic media partners. Their scouting department specializes in identifying upcoming new talent.

Another reputable model agency is the IMG Models. In addition to modeling, they also offer training and mentorship programs. Some of their models have worked with famous brands like Nike, Google, and Starbucks. It’s no wonder they’re so successful.

On the other hand, the Brown Agency is also a full-service modeling agency. Formerly a part of Wilhelmina Austin, the agency quickly made a name for itself in Central Texas. This agency is known for their big market expectations, which led to a long and prosperous career for its talent.

Although there are plenty of other model agencies out there, the ones mentioned here are the best. You’ll have a tough time finding an agency that offers the same level of experience and professionalism.

Elite Model Look

In the fashion industry, Elite Model Look is a model agency that has gained a lot of acclaim over the years. They are known for launching the careers of supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Gisele Bundchen, Denisa Dvorkova, and Eva Klimkova. It also helped launch the careers of other famous contemporary stars like Lily Aldridge and Alessandra Ambrosio.

The model agency aims to develop their models as professional women. For that reason, they have a variety of workshops that they hold for their candidates. These include photo shoots, make-up tutorials, and rehearsals for the final show.

To apply, you need to send in your measurements. You should also submit three headshots. Be sure to check with the agency’s representative first to ensure that you have all the necessary credentials.

The competition includes media interviews, catwalk lessons, and a final gala where the winner is announced. This is one of the most competitive model agencies that you can join. So, if you are looking to build a career in the fashion industry, you should consider submitting to the contest.

The agency uses its reach to help its models get the attention of the global audience. Its model rosters are also sought after for high-end campaigns and e-commerce.

The model agency also offers a sustainable product line called Hulu, which focuses on empowering women. As for their infamous swimsuit models, they have been breaking the mold in the fashion industry.

Since its founding in Paris in 1972, the agency has been successful. Today, it has offices in Miami, Los Angeles, London, and Toronto.

Elite Model Look holds castings in over 800 cities worldwide. Applicants must be between 14 and 26 years of age to participate.


One of the hottest model agencies on the block is Women 360, which has signed several of the aforementioned models. They also offer some of the most unique marketing and production services in the industry. The company has even managed to reintroduce men into the model board and expand their Curve division to sizes six through fourteen.

In addition to their signature services, the agency is also renowned for their social media and social networking initiatives. As such, it’s no surprise that they were able to attract the attention of the world’s most popular fashion brands, namely, Victoria’s Secret, Gucci, and Oscar de la Renta.

Of course, the agency also paves the way for newbies in the business, helping them get a foothold in the oh-so-fashionable fashion world. From booking the aforementioned gizmos to providing location scouting services, this company has got you covered.

The Women 360 empire is actually a global entity spanning three offices in the fashion capitals of the world. Their latest roster of clients includes New York based actors Anna Agrelo, Maria Reina, and Ellie Weston. This is all backed by the industry’s most cutting edge training and development program, which incorporates the best practices of the modeling and entertainment industries.

Not only does the agency provide some of the most creative models around, it also manages to make a pretty penny for its aficionados. Despite its size, they are able to keep their costs in check. It’s not often you find a company that manages to produce the finest models in the business while making a profit. Luckily for them, the best model agencies have been able to do just that.

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