Tips To Make Your Wedding Gown Shopping In The UK Less Stressful.

Wedding Gown Shopping

It finally happened; he got down on one knee in front of all your friends and family and asked if you would spend forever by his side! What a special moment, and it’s only the beginning! Now the journey of planning your wedding starts, and finding the most breathtaking wedding gowns in the UK

For many brides, the decor, food, venue, and flowers are all secondary to finding the perfect wedding gown. You want to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, but that means your wedding gown has plenty of boxes to tick before you say ‘yes’ to the dress. Do you want sleeves, strapless, open back, lace, beading, something fitted or something big and extravagant, and are you the traditional bride or one with a unique style? All of these questions are essential to finding the dress of your dreams.

“Why can’t my ideal wedding gown just fall from the sky and into my lap”? We’ve seen many brides ask themselves this question, tired and frustrated by the physical and mental toll of wedding dress shopping. But, that’s why Catherine Deane is here to help and make your experience incredibly easy and stress-free. 

Here at Catherine Deane, we have sophisticated, stylish, and unique wedding gowns in the UK for brides that want that ‘wow factor’ as they walk down the aisle. Whether you want something minimalist to complement your natural beauty or a fashionable bridal separate that says, ‘I own my style’, we’ve got you covered! In addition, our brides can shop for their wedding dresses in the comfort of their own homes thanks to our online store that makes your shopping experience convenient and stress-free! 

So, if you are a bride on the hunt for the perfect wedding gown in the UK, look no further than the exquisite Catherine Deane! Visit our website to schedule an appointment, or get in touch with our stylist to discuss your wedding gown options! 

Tips For Stress-Free Wedding Dress Shopping. 

For many brides, the wedding dress shopping experience is far from what they grew up watching in movies. Instead of finding the perfect dress on the first try with everyone in tears around you, you’re overwhelmed, unsure, and insecure, and after trying on the seventh gown, you’re a little sweaty! 

So, if you’re like most brides who just want a simple and easy experience finding their perfect wedding dress, follow these useful tips (you can thank us later)!

Tip #1: Stick to a budget. A problem we commonly see is brides trying on dresses that are way out of their budget. The dress looks stunning on the rack, and they can’t help but try it on, but the disappointment soon sets in when they have to accept they simply cannot afford it. This is why sticking to a budget is so important while wedding dress shopping. It ensures you only try on dresses within the right price range and avoids overwhelming disappointment than could potentially derail you from finding your perfect wedding gown. 

Tip #2: Take the day off. If you’ve got an appointment at a bridal boutique, taking the entire day off will make the process much less stressful. You can relax before your appointment, take a bath, do your hair, and have a good meal, and when you step inside the boutique, you’ll be in a good frame of mind. In addition, if you don’t find a dress, you’ll have the rest of the day to do whatever it takes to make you feel better before your next appointment. 

Tip #3: Choose a supportive entourage. For most brides, their moms, friends, and soon-to-be inlaws tag along to offer support and constructive criticism. However, it doesn’t matter who you choose to take with you as long as they make you feel happy, sure, and confident during your shopping experience. So, to make your experience less stressful, surround yourself with those who make you feel optimistic and encouraged even when you’re not necessarily over the moon with the dress selections. 

Visit Catherine Deane today to discover a stunning selection of wedding gowns in the UK


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