A Guide to Pre-Wedding Photoshoots


A pre-wedding shoot is an excellent chance to look your best, take breathtaking pictures with the love of your life in beautiful settings, and immortalise that moment in time with memories for a lifetime. However, a pre-wedding shoot can be considered an investment, even though it may be expensive. In that case, there are various wedding packages to opt for if you’re trying to save on money.

This planning guide was created to help you have an easy-going and stress-free pre-wedding photo shoot!

1. Plan ahead!

It would be counter-productive to believe that the process is over once you hire a photographer and select your venues. In reality, it’s only the start. Most photographers frequently ask if you have any particular requirements for your picture session, such as a theme, props you’ll bring, or whether you want to emphasise a specific aspect of your relationship. This will help ensure that you and your photographer have a successful picture shoot.

2. Have a backup strategy.

While you can plan for everything and wish for a successful day, certain factors are beyond your control. For example, pre-wedding shots frequently occur outside, so everything relies on the weather that day. We reside in Singapore, renowned for its erratic weather and unexpected, violent downpours. To avoid this, talk to your photographer about having a backup plan, ideally in an indoor setting, so that the weather won’t affect your session’s results!

3. Take care of your appearance!

It would be pretty advantageous to step up your beauty routine in the weeks leading up to the photo shoot, even if your photographer and makeup artist would try their best to make you look your loveliest.

Try wearing face masks to enhance your complexion in the days before the shoot. If you plan to have a facial beforehand, make sure to schedule it at least a few days to a few weeks before the big day in case you develop any angry red patches. Getting enough rest and sleep the night before is also essential to avoid having grey skin or dark under-eye bags. Finally, maintaining hydration by consuming enough liquids and limiting your salt consumption can make your skin appear younger and healthier.

4. Comfort is crucial

Contrary to how wonderful your pre-wedding photos will appear, the actual photo shoot may not go as planned. Imagine being exposed to stifling humidity and unrelenting heat. However, you may take precautions to ensure your shoot goes well and in the most comfortable way possible.

First, choose comfortable shoes. White sneakers or flats will probably be covered beneath your dress, making it easier for you to walk across uneven terrain or for extended distances. You can bring your heels with you and only wear them for photos when your shoes are visible. Second, don’t overpack and remember to carry a few necessities.

5. Enjoy yourselves!

When everything is said and done, if you’re genuinely having fun and enjoying the process, you’ll undoubtedly look your best and capture great images with true passion! So practice posing with your significant other, identify your best angles, and enjoy the anticipation of your pre-wedding photo day.

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